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Hi Pat,

Have you given any thought to grouping of the locations by region e.g.

- Dulles
- San Jose
- etc.
- Amsterdam
- Dublin
- etc.

Given the current structure of locations.ini I'm guess adding a region= setting to location would be needed?

I plan to have a dabble with re-implementing locations.ini in TOML ( - I've taken a brief look at the code that reads locations.ini but haven't got much further yet. (got other things to finish first)
Yeah, I've considered it a bit but it's mostly an issue just for the public instance so I haven't put a whole lot of work into it, mostly because the dropdown lists don't have particularly good support for making it look better. I'll take a look again and see if things got any better.
I reckon <optgroup> is what you need

(this isn't high priority for me either)
Thanks - that did the trick. Give it a try and let me know if it looks ok.

You can add a group=blah to locations (or just the first location for any grouping) and all of the locations until the group label changes will be grouped together.
Thanks, it looks great!
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