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Full Version: Asia centric CDN provider?
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Hi guys,
most of the CDN providers seem to concentrate on USA/Europe
but... well... the company I work for is massively expanding
eCommerce services in ASIA (.vn,,,, TLDs to have an idea)

What would u recommend?
I got suggested to look for people with POP in Hong Kong,
but what about Singapore and India's cities?

p.s. I'm not talking about mainland China,
within the big chinese firewall...
that is a totally different discussion

p.s. (2) and not to talk about Africa,
that seems not even considered by CDN providers

You could try asking Aarron Peters ( he runs CDN Planet amongst other things
Akamai has POP in India, should have one in Singapore as well.
Aaron Peter's CDN planet has a pretty good collection of network maps for most of the CDN providers:

Most of the really big providers have nodes everywhere (Akamai, Limelight)

China Cache has excellent coverage in mainland China (as the name would imply):

Most of the other providers have a couple of nodes in Asia which may be good enough depending on your needs (though it's not just China that has strange firewall issues, I believe Thailand can have similar issues from time to time so knowing exactly where you will deploy services will be important).

Australia/NZ is another one to watch out for if you plan to serve users there because not many CDN's provide pops there and network egress out of the area can have lots of issues so a CDN really helps.

Cloudflare isn't on Aaron's list but they also have POP's in Asia and Australia:
I'm in contact with Aaron Peters (, tnx

As of now it seems to me that noone has a POP in VietNam,
I mailed all the IT related companies attached at the VNIX (VietNam Internet eXchange),
and a couple of contacts replied confirming my fear.

We might also evaluate the possibility of building our own CDN service,
...anyone that wants to jump on board on this adventure? Wink

Guido Serra, Rocket Internet
One option you might want to use is to go hybrid and use a DNS service on top of an existing CDN. Just get a VPS server in Vietnam running apache traffic server, varnish or something like that and use the DNS to route local users there but have it fall back to a 3rd-party CDN for the rest of asia. That way you can just fill in the gaps that you need without having to deploy a full CDN.
that indeed might be an option

tnx Patrick

KeyCDN has POPs in SG, HK, JP and AU for the same low price of $0.04/GB for whole Asia and Oceania.
You could check the Akamai deployment as well. (Disclaimer: I work for Akamai). We have POPs in all locations, except VN.
It depends on your target market. The best way to find out which Content Delivery Network is best for you is to look at third party source reports or benchmarks. Many have suggested CDN Planet. As someone who works for a CDN company, I personally check out the Cedexis benchmark to check how we are doing as compared to our competitors. The benchmark gives you CDN performance and availability statistics that are specific to each country and ranks them accordingly.

Here is a link:
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