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Full Version: IE10 results details page missing DOM Elements
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As always, great site! Impressive what you've all done so far.

While cutting-and-pasting results for in-house analysis, noticed:

The IE9 "Results - Details" page reports the "DOM Elements" (count), but this is not reported for IE10, Chrome, nor Firefox.

Expectation: same report summary across all targets. If there are browser-specific features/data, present them separately.

In general, it would be great to have a consistent "summary" across all pages. As I suggested recently, at the TOP LEVEL report either "means" or a specific "median". In the DETAILS, report the same data for that run.
Yep, sorry - the new agent code (wptdriver) isn't feature complete yet. Bringing it up to feature parity with the legacy IE code (urlblast) is on the todo list for this year.

Primarily the things that are missing are:
- Some of the script commands are IE-specific (and will not work on IE 10)
- PageSpeed scores and optimization checks
- DOM Element counts
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