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Full Version: logData issue
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Hi. I have a script I was trying just for testing. I'm trying to execute it from

I tried inserting into the script a disable/enable of logData to capture the timings of just the second action of the test.

The problem is that whenever the logData disabling/enabling are activated, the script always fails with an indication of "(Error: Timed Out)".

Successful execution with logData commented:

Unsuccessful execution with logData activated:

//logData    0
setValue    id=txtPrecoMin    40000
setValue    id=txtPrecoMax    70000
//logData    1
clickAndWait    innerText=Pesquisar

Bug or am I doing something wrong?
Looks like it is working with IE: but not Chrome or Firefox.

It's possible that the click isn't working on the page using the Firefox/Chrome method. You might be able to get it to work better by using Javascript to trigger it and with the execAndWait command.
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