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Is possible from an agent server to poll requests from various host?


so I can put the WPT on different sites using the same agents?
No, but you can have the WPT server "relay" tests through another server. That way you can have one private instance that all of the test agents connect to and another private instance that may have it's own agents but also uses agents from the other instance. The only requirement is that the web server that needs to relay tests through the other needs to be able to connect to the other web server (port 80, standard http interface).

API keys are used to lock down the relay testing so that it doesn't become a wide-open system.
Is there some documentation or tutorial on how to configure as a relay?
The last location in the locations sample shows how to configure a location that is relayed to another server:
Ok good. Where I must specify the API Key in the installation?
On your server there is a /settings/keys.ini.sample which is an example of what the keys file looks like (rename it to keys.ini).
On the relay server I must do something or adding a key is enough?
Just adding a key is all you need to do (technically it will work without a key as well - that will just leave it as an open server). The client system just uses the API entry points for relaying tests.
Which is the linux command to check if the correct ports are open?

I configured everything but I don't get the browser from the relay location.
you should be able to curl or wget to the relay server's web interface (it's all just port 80).

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