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Hi All,

I am pretty new to optimization and though putting a combination of Cloudflare and MAXCDN with W3 would speed up my site. It still feels a little slow, and the score from Webpagetest in Dulles was not good.

First time Byte F (11 secs)
Cache Static Content F

Here's the site

I see a list of errors in the Static Content field, but not sure how to go about resolving them. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Matt,

What are your results when you switch off MAXCDN in W3TC?

In addition to you could try


Are you using page caching in W3TC? Fundamentally the first byte time problem is going to be more complex but page caching can be used to help hide it but only if it is working well. You can try swapping for Supercache to see if it is more effective (has been for some people but W3TC has a bunch of other features that are good to have).

If you can find out what is referencing or put a blank image in it's place you will also see the overall load time improve - it is being dragged out while the browser is waiting for the 404 from your site for it.
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