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I have a private system (Controlling web-server + Agent) and I'm trying to develop some script tests. However, the scripts aren't behaving as expected.

How should I approach the scripting of .. scripts? How to debug what's going wrong?

The scripting documentation page states:
Quote:You won't get a lot of feedback as to why a script failed so make sure to test your scripts locally with the desktop version of pagetest (file->Run Script) before uploading them for hosted testing. You can probably get away with a simple navigation path without testing but not the fancier scripts.
But that is referring to a deprecated tool (desktop version), is it not? I tried logging into the Agent and (file ->) certainly doesn't have a "Run Script".

At least I can watch the script being run, but that is still very lacking. Are there any logs or anything!?
If you are on the agent and open the IE browser there will be a "tools->AOL Pagetest" (or pagetest) menu item that will open up the gui for the desktop version (and that window is the one that has a file menu).

The only logs that are available are when running a debug build (which generally are only available if building from source). Sorry, the scripting doesn't get as much attention as it deserves because it is only used by a few people to do anything more than the basics (set cookies, spoof dns and navigate).
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