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I have set up a private instance of Webpage test on my Windows XP machine (webserver & test machine on same PC) in order to test some internal webpages.

The webserver, test machine and drivers etc. have been set up as per the WebPagetest documentation.

The issue i'm having is that when I run a test on an internal webpage, it takes almost two minutes to complete.

If I check the same page using firebug, I can see that it is in reality only taking about 6-7 seconds to load.

The steps are as follows;

1.) Run wptdriver.exe.

2.) open a web browser (e.g. firefox) and type in localhost to view the webpage test page.

3.) Enter the internal URL and start the test.

The test is completing and all of the information is there such as waterfall, screenshot, content breakdown etc.

Am I missing something obvious? Is there another way to run the test?

I have seen that Remote desktop is mentioned, how and what is that used for?

Please note I haven't tried to use any EC2 Test Agents

Thanks in advance,


Just to update,

I looked through the tests run already and could see from the waterfall chart that there are large time delays when loading some of the content URL's.

This is due to my machine being on a corporate network in behind a proxy.
It appears that the proxy settings cannot be changed for the wptdriver.ini file to include a proxy as they crash anyway.
For Chrome you should be able to specify the proxy or pac server on the command line settings (we have done that a bunch so I know that works).

Firefox may be a bit more complicated and you may need to edit the templates/firefox/prefs.js file on the test agent and set the proxy directly into the browser settings.
Oh, and I don't recommend testing publicly-facing sites through a proxy, it radically changes how browsers work. If you are testing internal pages where all of the users also use the proxy then it makes sense.
Hi Pat,

Thanks for the reply.
The plan would be to compare two internal websites using the same DB, appserver and webserver but with different frontends with different styling.

I specified the proxy server IP Address along with the port number in the wptdriver.ini file and tried to run a test.

The result in Chrome was an "Error 336 (net::ERR_NO_SUPPORTED_PROXIES): Unknown error."

Is it possible to specify the use of a Proxy in this way? I'm guessing that I would need to add in username and password aswell somehow?

Thanks in advance,

If the proxy requires authentication (beyond built-in windows auth) then it's probably not going to work. I've never tried WPT in that kind of a configuration.
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