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Full Version: WebPagetest 2.11
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WebPagetest 2.11 is now available:

The main highlights are:
- Emulated mobile testing with Chrome
- Fixed support for IE 10 on Windows 7 x64
- Support for sharding an individual test across multiple machines for faster completion
- JSON support in the RESTful API
- Changes to default connectivity settings (need to manually update your connectivity.ini)

The changelog details are in SVN?
I need them cause I completely changed the CSS, HTML and JS.

Also the agent has been updated?
Yes, all of the changes are in SVN (2.10 was rev 1752). If you hack on the code you're just going to cause extreme pain for yourself though. You can specify custom css by placing a custom css in the settings directory (there is a sample in the release) and it will get loaded on every page after the default css so you can re-style as you wish.

If you need to completely re-do the HTML then I recommend building your own UI and interfacing with WebPagetest through the API.

I release updates at least 3-4 times a year and keeping up with the patches every time is going to drive you nuts.

Yes, the agents also updated - the major changes are documented in the change log.
When I try to download the Agent update from here

Chrome tell me that those file are dangerous.
Probably a false positive, but I want to let you know.
I deployed the 2.11 server and agent, and I cant see the sharding at work (that's a shame because I have a dozen of agents waiting).
Is is supposed to work on the private instances or only on ?
Go into your settings.ini and add shard_tests=1 ( ).

It is off by default just to be conservative/safe since the logic is pretty new.
thanks for the tip, I forgot the .ini files in my merge so I missed this option.

Seems to work like a charm for now
Thanks for the update Patrick! I really appreciate it.
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