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Been working in tandem with ngx_pagespeed to get a new site tuned, and am a bit annoyed seeing that big old F underneath the progressive heading.

Any chance that you can mimic the pagespeed functionality of ignoring images < 10KB in your scoring?

EDIT. Sorry Patrick, That came over as being far grumpier than I had intended!
Yeah, I can see about not including files < 10KB in the overall grade (but still flag them if you go look). Any chance you have a link to a test result just so I can make sure nothing else is going on? I assume there are no larger JPEG's on the page, otherwise they should negate the < 10KB ones.
The vast majority of those are over 30 KB:

It looks like it is mostly meta-data with a bunch of stuff from the Camera and Photoshop:
Oh, and for added measure, they have thumbnails embedded in the thumbnails ;-)

Better lossless optimizations that can strip out most of the meta-data but maintain copyright (so it is safe to apply universally) is next on my list to nail down.
ok, it is now only warning for and grading JPEGs > 10KB
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