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Full Version: HTTP authentication problem after agent upgrade 357 -> 359
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After upgrading agents I have following problem with scripted test. First visited URL is measured correctly. After clicking url IE displays dialog box and requires entering credentials.

The script is simle like this:

navigate https://my.internal.domain/someURI/list.jsf
clickAndWait innerText = LinkText

What is interesting, when I log in to the agent workstation and while visiting application being tested I enter credentials with checked option "remember credentials" and in test I do not enter credentials, test is executed properly.
Does the app require HTTP auth?

Sorry, I'm a bit confused about what is happening between manually testing and scripting. It sounds like when you manually test you get challenged for auth so I would expect the same to happen for the script (don't expect saved credentials to be used when running the script). Are you enabling HTTP auth in the UI as well as the script? What version of the server sofware are you running (1.2)?

If I remember correctly, we made auth support work across all of the browsers by basically transforming the auth information into an AddHeader command that just adds the auth header. For it to work correctly you'd need the php-side of the code that updated at the same time as the agent.
Hi. Sorry for not being clear. I forgot to explain this. Yes - the application requires http authentication.

When I test with WPT test fails because despite entering credentials in the definition of the test, dialog box is displayed and closed. After that WPT agent gets 403 response from the server.

After I open the application on agent machine and enter credentials to the web browsers dialog box manually and check option "remember credentials" I can test the application with WPT without any problems (credentials are already in displayed dialog box).

Because of errors and how my script is written I got no results registered.

It happens only after the upgrade. Usually I upgrade WPT to HEAD version and to the latest agent available.

Opened an issue to track it so I don't forget:
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