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Full Version: win7 X64 IE9 can't work
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I've installed agent on window7(64bit), after run the urlblast.exe(in admin mod), it's saying "clearing caches" and lasts for several mins, then the urlblast crashed and never open IE9 browser.

I install the dummynet 64bit(copy the 64bit files into dummynet folder) and monify the urlblast.ini

Startup Delay=30
Log File=D:\webpagetest\log
use current account=1

; Where to get work from
Url Files Url=
;Location Key=TestKey123

Is there anything i missing?
I solve the problem. But comes another one.

I need to specify the IE Path cause there are 2 version in the pc. 32bit and 64bit.

the urlblast is working, but ie can't start.
You shouldn't have to specify the path - it looks in the 32-bit version of Program Files (using windows APIs to make sure it gets the correct location) and runs the iexplore.exe in the "Internet Explorer" folder.

What language OS is it running on? I'm wondering if there might be a double-byte issue somewhere.
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