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I seem to be getting inconsistent results based on location.

33 sec load time:

5 sec load time:

Seems the location where I get a 33 sec load time from is always hung up on something from paypal? New to this web optimization stuff and I'm not sure what to make of the results.
Nice, and for a freaking verification seal. It's possible that they are doing something screwy with the traffic coming from the pheonix location but if the site is one that you control I'd generally recommend just removing the various seals - they don't actually do anything useful.

It may not be impacting the user experience much since it isn't blocking any other content but if your page does anything in script after it loads it will be pushing that out.
I was just thinking about this today. It's been a while but I forgot to mention that the site works fine with the other browsers for the same location. It's not javascript or css or anything. Would there be anything compatibility issues Chrome would be having with the website? Any suggestions on things to check?

Actually, on the topic of compatibility issues, Chrome works fine in different locations
Shouldn't be - could be that paypal flagged that user agent from that location with an ACL of some kind but that would be pretty strange.
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