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Full Version: WPT shows mobile theme but I didn't request mobile test
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On one domain, when I run a test on WPT, it's showing the screenshots and data from the mobile theme in the results. (See attached file) However, I've not requested a mobile test. I have the same mobile theme on another domain and I always get the desktop version in my WPT results.

The mobile version is produced by the Wordpress JetPack plugin and mobile feature. The two sites are very similar as one is a test site, but is on a different hosting company. It's also not using CloudFlare.

I uninstalled JetPack and reinstalled and the same behavior.
Try checking the box to preserve the original user agent string in the advanced settings. WebPagetest usually adds a "PTST" to the user agent string so that it's traffic can be filtered by analytics and things like that. It's possible that whatever is making the desktop/mobile decision on your site is getting confused by that and defaults to mobile.
Thanks Patrick. I was using the Mobile theme option from the Wordpress Jetpack add-on.
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