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Full Version: Bug in Chrome Extension (setDOMElement) with possible solutions
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Webpagetest 2.11 contains a bug in chrome extension that prevents the setDOMElement command from working: The tab id isn't found and no event to search for the dom element is fired:

- In wpt.commands.CommandRunner.prototype.doSetDOMElements (file commands.js) is checked if g_tabid is set before firing setDOMElements request).
- g_tabid is set via the constructor of CommandRunner (wpt.commands.CommandRunner in commands.js)
- Method wpt.commands.CommandRunner.prototype.doSetDOMElements isn't called by an instance of CommandRunner (it's called directly at the event onBeforeNavigate in commands.js)
-> g_tabid isn't initalized because namespaces restrict its domain

Example Script:
setDOMElement id=location
Result (using Chrome):

Possible solution:
- Move definition of g_tabid (var g_tabid = 0) from background.js to command.js (above goog.require('wpt.logging'))
- Another solution would be creating an instance of CommandRunner before calling method wpt.commands.CommandRunner.prototype.doSetDOMElements
Thanks, fixed - (not in a released agent yet though)
te='pmeenan' pid='21555' dateline='1374699032']
Thanks, fixed - (not in a released agent yet though)

I did a build of the Chrome extension from master, and copied it onto a WebPageTest slave box. Unfortunately DOM element measurements for Chrome still don't work work (though working fine in IE9 on the same box) - is Chrome setDOMElement working in master for anyone?

Seems either this didn't fix it or there's another bug ...
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