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We are having an issue on some of our pages where WPT is showing 0ms document complete and 0 requests by document complete. Other numbers such as TTFB and speed index are as expected. The page is functional in Chrome and the dev tools give proper numbers for document complete, just the WPT version doesn't. Any ideas?

To follow up, we are still getting these errors, both in and our private instance. The odd thing is, not all our site behaves this way. Our home page and other pages seem to be working. The only correlation I can draw is that the pages that we are using this on we also use the history api. Could there be an issue with that?
Hmm, could be tripping up my navigation code because WPT reports the time of the last onload event and it could be getting reset. I opened up a bug to track it:
I also have the same issue on
Is already a bug (confirmed)?
I am using WPT site. What means "pages that are using history api"?
The loaded and fully loaded times are the same because there is some bug in onload Chrome event of this WPT version, correct?
Yes, you can follow the github bug but I haven't had a chance to look into it yet.
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