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Full Version: Adding more than 1 URL in a Single Script
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I was just curious to know if we can add more than one URL in a single script using WPT Private Instance? Is it possible??

What are you trying to do? You can have more than one URL in a script on the public instance if you use multiple navigate commands (though you probably only want to measure one of them because the results get confusing otherwise).

If you are just trying to test a bunch of URLs then private instances have a "Bulk Test" tab in the advanced settings where you can paste in a list of URLs to test and you can download a CSV with the results for all of them.
Oh! I got that Pat!!
In Scripts you can only navigate from one URL to another. In order to test many URLs at a time we can make use of "Bulk Testing". Fantastic! This is what i wanted. Thanks!!!
The reason why i asked this question was because i wanted to create just one job which would execute "bulk Urls" when i schedule a run via wpt monitor jobprocessor instead of creating a job for each Url.

Navigating between the urls inside the script would make the result very confusing for obvious reasons.

I can make use of "Bulk Testing" but again that will have to be done manually. I was looking for an automated solution which i can schedule everyday. I know i can schedule the jobs using the jobprocessor key on WPT Monitor but it executes all the jobs that are created in the private instance rather than the ones which i specifically want to target.

I appreciate your help with this Patrick!
It sounds like you really should be using the API to do your testing and then just schedule whatever you need done in cron or something like that. Running the tests isn't terribly difficult, what you want to do with the results once the tests have been run is the bigger question. You can run the tests directly on the command line with a simple wget or if you want to have it pull back the results you can use Marcel's NodeJS wrapper:

You could potentially set up a private instance of showslow and just have the test results beaconed to the showslow instance if you want to get some trending.
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