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Full Version: Need Test Results filtered based upon User
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I am new to WPT and have managed to set up a WPT private instance (wpt 2.11) up and Running in Windows Server 2008 R2 standard (64 bit).

1. Is there a way we could filter the test results based upon a User in the Test Results Page ?
Such Like a drop down which could show all our internal business Users and filter the results based upon
the selection ?
2. Is there a way a User could see the results only fired by him so as to avoid any conflicts or confusion with
those of others' ( sample scenario where the business users would be firing tests on the same internal URL )?

Right now I am not sure how WPT is distinguishing the USers who fired the tests ?

Each user should see only their tests in the history by default. It's tied to a cookie on the browser though so it won't follow them and it's a bit lossy (on the public instance it will follow you if you are logged in).

At some point I want to build out a better user model where you can store prefs, etc but that hasn't happened and isn't very high on my list.
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