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Full Version: exec doesn't work on firefox
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I've a multistep-test (with logData 0 and 1 in script) which fails on firefox. I execute javascript with exec-command in the test:
If I remove the exec-line it works:

In IE it works with exec, too. I tried "click id=addToBasket" instead of exec and javascript but that doesn't work, too.

Regards, Nils
anything new about this?

I think the following issue is concerned to the same bug:
This doesn't seem to work on wptdriver 128:
I know with version 124 I could run javascript. Where can I get the older agents?
Do I have to clone and build for my own or are compiled versions of older agents available somewhere?
Seems to be a sync-problem in wptdriver. The following script fails:
Same script with "sleep 5" in front of exec-command fixes test:

The following thread led me to this, so it seems to be the same issue:
Argh - I thought I saw something broken when I was looking at that code the other day - will get it fixed today.

I have a fair number of the older agents here:
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