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Full Version: some questions about waterfall view
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This is my result
[Image: waterfall1.png]
I have some questions about the waterfall view,
1. why the time of the first request does't match the time scale?
2. why there has some blank between the connect and fftb of the forth request?

When i put the har result in the
the waterfall result is a bit different with yours.
[Image: waterfall2.png]
The time of the first request looks like it is including the DNS and socket connect times - I'll take a look and make sure it is consistent because requests 4 and 5 should probably be closer to 500ms.

As far as the gap goes, modern browsers can pre-connect to servers before fetching resources but the HAR spec doesn't allow for the connection or DNS times to be separated from the request (the gap is the accurate representation).
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