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Full Version: no ssl negotiation in ie 10
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we have some agents with Internet Explorer 10 (most actual verison) and urlblast 365 like yours on Dulles-location. Tests on these agents with HTTPS deliver waterfalls without any ssl-negotiation-times, at all. Same test on other agents with IE8 and/or FF 23 delivers ssl-negotiation-times like expected.
Same test on webpagetest delivers ssl-tmes, too:

Any idea, what could cause this?

Regards Nils
Are you using urlblast or wptdriver? I'm usign wptdriver for the IE 10 testing and I don't think urlblast supports it (it may mostly work but I didn't do much work on it since we are working to deprecate urlblast).
That's interesting.
We still use urlblast on many agents. I'll try IE 10 with wptdriver.
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