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We recently upgraded webpagetest tool from 2.9 to 2.12 for IE 10 support. We were able to execute few test based on the url. However for the scripts test it was failing. What we found today was there were few script tag that was previously working, isn't working with the latest version.

Below is one of the instance:
navigate http://<<our site>>
clickAndWait title=Sign in
clickAndWait title= <<link>>

This had to be modified to :
navigate http://<<our site>>
click title=Sign in
clickAndWait title= <<link>>

Want to check if there is any difference in the way scripts are handled in the newer version ?. [/align]Another point to add, the original scripts works well on the public instance. Could you please let me know which version is running on the public instance ?
There was a bug with scripting that was recently fixed (the navigate command was being skipped and some other crazy things). Try grabbing the latest agent:
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