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Full Version: Show Slow - Charting options? Dealing with outliers
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First post and I want to start with a thank you to Pat, Sergey, and the entire community for getting the tools where they are today.

We've been running batch jobs using the python script wpt_batch.py on a cron job in regular intervals in an attempt to get trending information regarding WPT metrics for lists of URLs as they pass through the development lifecycle.

This is totally awesome!

However, we're getting some outlying data points that are making the results difficult to view at times in showslow. I've done some research and see that there is a graph smoothing feature... but are there any other options such as charting on a percentile distribution (95th?)

I know we might be trying to make the tool do something it wasn't designed for but it would be much easier to consume and review the results without having to deal with these data points that are out of wack or have to dig through the database and either erase data points or make my own charts based on the raw data.

In our python script this is what we are doing :

/var/www/html/webpagetest/wpt_batch/wpt_batch.py --urlfile=/var/www/html/webpagetest/wpt_batch/fos_urls.txt --runs=1 --outputdir=/var/www/html/webpagetest/wpt_batch/result/

Is there a way to do several runs and send the median to show slow as an alternative? Is this what this feature does already? If I were to make this value 3 would I get median results sent to show slow?

Yes, only the median run for any given test is sent to showslow so if you increase the number of runs for any given test it will help reduce outliers.
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