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Full Version: possible to figure out which machine ran specific test?
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if I have agent-queues with multiple machines behind them: Is it possible to figure out, which machine (IP) has run a specific test subsequently?
Regards, Nils
If you tag your machine to spit out a name in the HTTP header, that should be one way to let you know which one was used.
At the top of the test result page on the left (above the re-run test button) there should be an identifier that tells you which test machine ran the test (machine name and IP address). It is only visible on private agents (and to me on the public instance). Let me know if you aren't seeing it there.
That would be helpful. We are a bit outdated on the server-side and use still some wptservers, version 2.8.
I assume this feature of displaying the agent which runs the test came later. I'll try with a 2.12er server asap.
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