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Full Version: Big performance differences between home- and sub-pages
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After doing some performance optimizations with a few wordpress plugins, my homepage improved a lot:

What is confusing me is that the improvements don't work on any subpage like

These result is close to my home result - but before optimization. I'm confused, because the plugins should work for all pages of my wordpress site.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? And perhaps one further how i could get rid of the F in "Cache static content" (still not improved on home)?

Thank you in advance for any hint.
Looks like you are using wp super cache. My initial guess would be that your main page is a lot more likely to be cached that any of the deeper pages since it gets hit more frequently. A caching plugin can help hide really slow back-end issues but it doesn't really "fix" the issue.

Can you enable debugging of some kind for wp-super-cache to see if it is able to cache the deeper pages or if not, why?

Are there other plugins you are using as well?
Dear Patrick, thank you very much for you reply. Actually I'm using only wp super cache and wp widget cache. I already deactivated the last one, but with no effect. I`m still wondering that all subpages perform constantly bad - especially regarding compress transfer and images - while the home is far more "green". I'd be happy if you could help me with the wp super cache debugging protocol:

Thanks in advance
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