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Hi Guys.

Came across your site and tested my site and the results are awful, please could someone take a look please.

Best Wishes
Probably 2 things you need to tackle before looking at anything else...

1 - Improve the first byte time. 3 seconds is really long. We can't tell you from the outside what is causing it though. Usually it's a function of the hosting provider's database performance (if you are on shared hosting in particular). You can help mitigate the issue with a caching plugin like supercache or w3 total cache.

2 - Combine those js files and make them cacheable. There are like 30 separate js files that need to be loaded, processed and executed before any content is displayed. Something like W3 Total Cache can help you merge them together on the fly and make them cacheable.
Hi There.

Thanks for your reply and appreciate your feedback.

I have W3 Total Cache, however, i may not have set it up properly. Please could you tell me what settings to go into in the plugin so i can administer these changes please.

Look forward to your response.

Hi Shaun,
Make sure that you set the cache setting properly in W3 TC plugin. If you have dedicated setting try to install APC or memcache and use that for cache storage, for the moment you can use disk for cache.

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