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Before of configure cdn my first byte was 1.2s but now I have cdn configured to improve first byte time and it is 2.375s
I don´t understand why other cms prestashop have 0.200s of first byte time when I have 2.375s with the next settings:

-Pagespeed 99/100
- IMG in sprites from subdomains
- CSS and JS load from subdomains
- Memcache enabled
- Gzip enabled
- 2GB in VPS
Do you see something wrong with my web that generates this hight FTTB ??

Thanks and best regards
Even worse, the TTFB for your homepage was 8.5 seconds for me just now. You're saying you have memcache in place, so I'd say you've misconfigured it. After all, if it was working properly, you wouldn't be experiencing such a high TTFB (unless there was some other bottleneck on your server, such as disk latency or a high CPU load). I also see no evidence of a caching mechanism in your HTTP headers. Are you sure it's set up properly?
Hi robzilla

Yesterday I installed APC corrupted and server had error. Now I have solved the 8.5sec problem. I installed mod_pagespeed but I don´t know set some lines. This cms prestashop have memcache configured correctly in backoffice but the setting of memcache.ini is by default.

In this moment I have 1.2s in First View and 0.7 in second view

Confirm that I don´t have problem in server because other web hosted in same VPS has 0.1s of TTFB (web without content, plesk default):

Also I confirm neither is problem of cms prestashop because other web that I see with this CMS only have 0.252s in TTFB:

I don´t understand why I have TTFB high. I need find a way to correct the 1second leftover. The correct TTFB should be 0.2sec
best regards
Quote:Confirm that I don´t have problem in server because other web hosted in same VPS has 0.1s of TTFB (web without content, plesk default):

That's probably a simple, static page rather than a dynamically generated page, i.e. it does not require any processing by the server as would be necessary for a page served by a CMS like PrestaShop. Apples and oranges, basically.

If your other PrestaShop site is running on a different server, then they may be configured differently, or have different hardware resources available to them. Furthermore, the amount of processing required for one shop may differ from the other, for several reasons such as the size of the database, the SQL queries performed, plugins used, template complexity, etc. Webpagetest can only give you details on front-end performance. To diagnose the back-end, you would need something like Xdebug or New Relic.

Have you searched for PrestaShop optimization tips? That might give you a few things to experiment with.
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