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Full Version: My site running very slow
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My site is running very slow, when i done the test on webpagetest it's taking more requet for images only i don't know how to resolve it, please go through this link


Kindly help for this. Huh
Quote:get a dns provider like ... and use this to help with the Time to First Byte.

That is incorrect. Time to First Byte (TTFB) does not include the DNS lookup.

optimusprime, while your backend does appear to be rather slow, the bigger issue is that your page makes a grand total of 175 HTTP requests, with over 4 megabytes transferred. I find it hard to believe you would actually need 25+ stylesheets. Click on the (red) grades at the top right of your WPT results to read suggestions on how you can improve, and/or read up on some best practices.

As for your slow backend, you appear to be on shared hosting at Godaddy. Any website that requires a significant amount of resources (CPU, memory, disk, etc.) for each page to be delivered to the end user, is generally better off on its own server, whether virtual or dedicated. Furthermore, it's best to host your site as close to your end users as possible, so if you could find a good host in India, that would decrease latency for each round-trip and improve (local) load times considerably.
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