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I've been using the WPT API for submitting automated tests. However, I've noticed that the results did not include the Speed Index and User Time metrics. So I've compared the same test, made from the API and from the UI, and these are the results:

The test (only a script)
Location: Dulles, VA - Chrome - Cable



[Image: Captura%20de%20pantalla%202013-10-09%20a....39.25.png]

Request: selected location, entered the above script and clicked "Start test".

[Image: Captura%20de%20pantalla%202013-10-09%20a....44.01.png]

The first test includes the Speed Index metric, but the second does not. Also I can't see the script associated to the test in the first one.

Any thoughts? Thanks.
Try passing video=1 to the API as a test option. The UI defaults to enabling video capture.

Also, I cleaned up your post but it's a REALLY bad idea to publicly post your API key.
Thank you so much, Patrick. It worked now. And you're right about the API key, I just didn't notice that I posted it.

One last thing: it would great to include these kind of details in the documentation.
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