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Full Version: How can we script the events that are fired on mouse clicks?
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I have in my html: different Michael

<span id="ContactName3" class="ListedName"><a href="/res/6477251663/Michael /1735.html" onclick="utagsave();" onmousedown="utag.link({link_name:'person_name', link_attr1:'in_listing'})" title="Michael on 345 Bank St">Michael</a></span>

I tried the following, it does click the link, however the mouse click event is not fired:
clickAndWait Michael on 345 Bank St

is there a way to get the mouse click event triggered?

and following does not at all click the link:
sendClick className=ListedName innerText=Michael
execAndWait onclick="utagsave();"
clickAndWait Michael on 345 Bank St

Please share as early as possible
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