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Full Version: How to get the last waterfall view?--Chinese engineer for help!!
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I have a page which need to simulate user login before,so I write a script as below:

PHP Code:
setDns      g.tbcdn.cn        http://login.daily.taobao.net/member/login.jhtml?style=miniall&css_style=c_2.0/pc&full_redirect=true&from=tmall&tpl_redirect_url=setValue        name=TPL_username       tmallb302setValue        name=TPL_password       taobao1234submitForm       id=J_StaticForm navigate        http://www.daily.tmall.net 

But the waterfall picture in the result contains three pages’ full waterfall image, how can I get the only page’s waterfall img which I want, in other word, how can I get the last page’s waterfall image?

My English is very poor and sorry for that.
You can use logData 0 to turn off logging and then logData 1 before the step you want to capture the timings for
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