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Full Version: Brussels very slow / no test data
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is Brussles having connection issues or something?

I ran a few tests for a customer and got a lot of "Test Error: Data is missing." on Chrome (also some on IE9, but not as bad):
So I ran it a second test, same result:
A comparison with failed completely:

On other European test server there no such issues (Amsterdam, Paris, Falkenstein).

In general Brussels feels really slow - no matter what browser - and literally takes minutes to test pages with 2 to 7 seconds complete time. Looks like the server is in over its head. Wink
Is that a known issue?

brussels is working ok for me. usual time to start a test. 0.3 sec TTFB. first run completed in under 3 sec. no blank pages. all runs complete.
you still experiencing issues?
Hmm, Brussles doesn't like me:

Still working for you? *confused*
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