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Full Version: Information capture mismatch during a complete flow via scripting
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I have installed a private instance and trying to capture the data for each page hit in the flow which has both get and form posts via scripts.

The pages where there is form submit the data is not getting captured correctly, like the data is 0 and sometimes I get a value(in the first view itself). I tried to log off the other data like login, navigation and tried capturing the data only for the form submit page, now I am getting the data for all fields except Page Title and Time to Title(which becomes 0 obviously because no title is being captured). When doing the flow manually the landing page after the form submit does have the title in the source, does webpagetest doesnt log it because the previous page also has the same title, does anybody know of such limitations?

Attaching the result csv's for more insight... the 5th row in '131125_JC_9_summary' report which has 0 for the load time has no title, but has load time value recorded in '131126_40_1_summary' report when I turn the logging to 1 for that form submit alone but still has no page title recorded.
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