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Hello everybody,

I use to check my websites with WebPageTest quite often, to check if everything is working fine. I never had problems with Wordpress sites I run, but the Prestashop site I created is driving me crazy.

The site is at

While it's working fine, and customers are buying, when I try to test the performance, very often (not always) I get Error 500 results like this one from today:

As far as I know, the site is performing well for humans, but WPT doesn't seem to like the site.

I the site I have a plugin that redirects the user to a specific domain, depending on the browser language. Maybe that's the problem? I'm trying to avoid it adding the /en/ folder for English language, but the problem is still there. Any clue? Is anything wrong with my site?

Thanks in advance! Smile
I get a 500 error, too, when I go to that URL (from the Netherlands), but from the Kansas City test location, it does seem to be working:

The Kansas City location connected to while one in Israel connects to and gets a 500 error (this is also the IP where I end up, probably the Amsterdam node). Have you tried temporarily disabling CloudFlare?

By the way, judging from the above test results, you have some odd redirects:
[] 301 >
[] 302 >
[] 301 >
just to add to this...your site just displays a blank page in my browser (currently win7 - firefox 25 and chrome 33) with javascript off or javascript on. i've been directed to
it seems to display alright from denver... though you've got one 404 error showing.
The error page is indeed a blank one, the 500 status code is returned in the headers.

Interestingly, Denver connects to, the IP that previously gave me (and the Israel location) the 500 error.

@almarma: are you doing any geotargeting or load balancing?
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