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Full Version: TTFB on VPS with static HTML
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I've been trying for hours to figure out what's going on but I can't for the life of me.

Here's (one) of the tests in question:

It's static HTML, no php or anything dynamic at all.

I'm running on a Linode VPS and using nginx. When I set this up a couple of months ago TTFB was 'A' - consistently, no problem. WordPress sites weren't so hot without caching, but I understood that considering it was dynamic content.

I'm not sure when this happened or how long this drop in performance has been going on, so I can't pinpoint it to a specific change. I can say that no server configs have changed, an that I've re-run through my original nginx/php5-fpm setup to no avail.

Any suggestions would be so, so welcome. I presume tools like New Relic wouldn't be valid as I'm not trying to debug an app.
Looks like you're using ngx_pagespeed on this site. This *post-processes* your website, which requires time and energy. Try disabling it and rechecking your performance.

EDIT: I see you are using pagespeed now... sorry for the irrelevant comment.
Try testing from another location. Something doesn't look right with that test. The socket connect time for the base page was 26ms which is a fair bit faster than the RTT from the US to the UK (and right about the last mile latency for the cable connection).

I'll poke around and see if I have access to the Asheville test location and see if something is going on with the test agent.
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