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Full Version: Unable to pass the resulting data to showslow beacon
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Hi Admin,

Good evening.
I am trying to setup my webpagetest private instance with showslow. Based on the documentation, inside the $WPT_HOME/settings/settings.ini, I need to uncomment the showslow variable and place my showslow url.

;showslow beacon

As for the showslow web app, I already placed the following codes inside the $S_HOME/config.php

$defaultURLsToCompare = array('url1', 'url2', 'url3');
$webPageTestKey = 'TestKey123';
$webPageTestBase = '<url-of-webpagetest>';
$webPageTestPrivateByDefault = false;
$webPageTestFirstRunOnlyByDefault = false;
$keepPrivatePageTests = true;

The problem is that, every time I run my private instance, it is not passing all the data to showslow. Plus, there is no link on the result that says "See in showslow".

Webpagetest results are correct. Its just that, Im unable to pass the data to showslow. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

PS: the webpagetest and showslow urls are included in my hosts file. they are both vhosts configured.

Thank you and Regards. Smile
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