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Full Version: Videos end at wrong timestamp
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I can no longer stop video at a pre-defined timestamp (like Doc Complete, Visually Complete,...) or even a custom timestamp using -e:3.2 for instance

All my attempts are stopping at waht seems to be fully loaded.

For instance here's my URL:

My "treated" video is supposed to end at 2.1s while the untreated video is supposed to end at 2.4s if I stop them at doc complete.
But when I genrerate the videos, it stops after about 5 seconds.

If I try to manually end them at 2.1s and 2.4s by appending -e:2.1 and -e:2.4, it does not change anything:

Is there any solution for this ?

Thanks a lot
Am I the only person who's seeing this issue ?
Sorry, I think it broke when I added the mobile video support. Should be fixed now:
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