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Full Version: Cannot find compatible php_apc.dll for XAMP stack windows
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I am trying to install a private instance of WebPagetest on the intranet at work. For convenience, I have installed an XAMPP stack on a Windows 7 (32 bit) machine. I understand that PHP needs php_apc.dll to do its caching.

My problem is that I have not been able to find any compatible php_apc.dll file for the current version of PHP that is running on Xampp (v 5.9.X). I have attached a screenshot of the error window that pops up when I start the Apache server.

Does anyone know of the latest and greatest dll file that I can use? What do I lose if WebPageTest cannot make use of the above dll file?

My apologies, the PHP version is 5.5.9. The above version in my first post is incorrect.

I reverted to an earlier version of Xampp (v 3.1.0) and PHP (5.4.7). This solved my problem. So the moral of this thread is to be sensitive about versions of php_apc.dll and php. Some versions may not be compatible. I used the APC version 3.1.13 built against PHP 5.4.7.

I would like this thread to be closed.

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