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I tried to install Dummynet as a service to my Network properties but then the installation was succesful but i lost internet connectivity on both LAN and Wifi.

I tried to uninstall and disabled the drivers but still no luck.I using my Windows 7 64 bit laptop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I had the same experience when installing the dummynet on my 32-bit windows 7 machine Smile So be ready for that. I also read this caution somewhere online so this is an expected behavior. Make sure that the machine is not "headless" and that you have login access to it when a disconnect happens. Finish the setup after login again.
Hi Raza,

Thanks for your response. I didnt get you abt "Headless". sorry if its silly to ask you.

My situation-

the moment i was in test mode and install the dummynet.exe my internet goes off and after re-starting it multiple times didnt help me to get the connection back.

I was able to get internet conenction by disabling test mode and re-installing the network drivers.I'm bit scared to try Dummynet again.Please let me know if i'm making a mistake and will give it a shot again.

By "headless" I meant the machine does not have an attached monitor to it. Secondly, it is best to configure the dummynet when directly logged on to the machine. If you are doing it via internet, a good chance is that you will get disconnected and not be able to log back on to the machine.

If you get disconnected, try logging on again, delete the configured network and you should be all right. If you cannot log in over the internet, ask the IT person responsible for the system to delete the configured network.
Physical machine or VM? The only time I've seen issues is when installing it on a Xen VM using the Citrix PV network drivers. For some reason they don't get along with Dummynet at all.
I was using a physical windows 7 32-bit machine.
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