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After a long time I decided to work on one of my old websites ...

here is my results :

Unfortunately it seems that I should work more on my caching...

I would appreciate any help regarding this issue.

Please note that I really don't want to use browser caching since I have no control over it afterwards .

Thank you again
(05-09-2014 12:30 AM)a.chakery Wrote: [ -> ]Please note that I really don't want to use browser caching since I have no control over it afterwards .
In that case, you're never going to get any better of a grade than F for leverage browser caching of static assets.
Given that you've taken the approach that everything is to be delivered in a single file, with no inclusions, then no, you don't want to cache anything if it's got dynamic content.

The site is delivered compressed and visually complete in 0.4s, so really needs no further work done on it!
Thank you GreenGecko and Anton for your replies...

Really appreciate it.
Actually, you should use no-cache for your cache-control and pragma instead of private. Private just prevents proxies from caching it but browsers will still use heuristics and cache the file for a while. If it really is dynamic then no-cache will get it to behave the way you want and WPT will also not detect it as a "static" resource and you'll get an A (or N/A)
Thank you pmeenan ,
Now generally what do you suggest ? I mean do I leave my website as it is now or do the 1 week browser caching ?
Up to you. If you want to allow for a 1-week cache then it would be worthwhile to let cloudflare, maxcdn or some other CDN edge-cache it for you which could make it available globally in < 100ms or so but that's kind of a micro-optimization at this point.
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