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My CDN, cloudflare, is not being detected, even tough I see a significant reduction since I enabled it in my 1and1 hosting.

What could be the reason?

Also, how can I optimize the TTFB? I'm using opencart with 3000 products.
I'm not that much of a CF fan - too much marketing hype for my liking. Whatever happens, they aren't going to be able to reliably cache any dynamic content that you're generating, just the static files the page needs: css, js, images, and so on. The html needs to be generated and delivered by your server, not theirs. So to improve your TTFB, it needs tuning, sizing correctly, and (less of a problem unless you're in New Zealand like me!) locating near your target audience. I'd revert to a pure CDN rather than this half CDN/half proxy that CF seem to offer.
I'm considering using Pagespeed service by Google, in their test, they reduce the loading time for my website in a half. So far it's free but they say that they will eventually charge for the service.

Anyone has any reference about this service, or any idea how much will they charge in the future for this?
(05-11-2014 11:16 AM)Pierceb Wrote: [ -> ]My CDN, cloudflare, is not being detected, even tough I see a significant reduction since I enabled it in my 1and1 hosting.

What could be the reason?

Also, how can I optimize the TTFB? I'm using opencart with 3000 products.

If you would post a link to the test result, or to the site itself, we folks who volunteer to help might be able to give better answers to what problems you are experiencing. Without knowing your WPT testing parameters there is no way to give you intelligent responses.

However as already stated here - CloudFlare isn't any kind of CDN answer and in my experience with it, really doesn't do much at all. It won't and can't cure inherent problems with your host, and it can't optimize a site that isn't optimized already. It is dependent on your host. And when CF is down (which is often) your site is also down.

I used CF for two years and never got first byte time improved until I dumped CF and optimized my site. Now I don't use any kind of CDN and my sites are greasy fast and score straight A grades on any WPT test from any location.
Thanks for your response, the history file for my last test is http://www.webpagetest.org/result/140512_WP_GK/

I didn't know that if CF is down your site will down with them! That's not good at all.
(05-14-2014 03:30 AM)Pierceb Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for your response, the history file for my last test is http://www.webpagetest.org/result/140512_WP_GK/

I didn't know that if CF is down your site will down with them! That's not good at all.
And it happened quite often, in my 2 year experience with it. Additionally, they claim that if your host goes down, your site will still be up due to their serving of cached pages. Patently false - when your host is down CloudFlare loads a page telling everyone the site is down and advising the site owner to check with the host.

RE: Your site, which I web page tested HERE, the first thing I suggest is you get rid of the custom font files which are fully 5 percent of your pageload. Most browsers ignore the custom fonts anyway, but they load on the user/visitors computer regardless.

You have 140 requests for 1.8 megabytes. Images account for 43% of it, javascript accounts for 23%. This page is FAT.

You can trim 230kb of fat off this site by optimizing the following JPEG images:
FAILED (15.8 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/Dilatador_acero__506de137f12c7-200x200.jpg
FAILED (13.4 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/Dilatador_acero__506dece5106c5-200x200.jpg
FAILED (13.1 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/Taper_dilatador__4f120dd63812b-200x200.jpg
FAILED (13.0 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/data/bt_ebuy/plataforma-ing.jpg
FAILED (11.2 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/oreja/tunel/FFAN-200x200.jpg
FAILED (11.0 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/data/product/tel/banner_col_3.jpg
FAILED (10.6 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/ombligo/HOTDL076-200x200.jpg
FAILED (10.1 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/data/bt_ebuy/banner_col_5.jpg
Info (9.7 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/Dilatador_de_acr_506c5b44e55a5-130x130.jpg
Info (9.6 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/data/bt_ebuy/banner_col_4.jpg
Info (9.4 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/complementos/Moviles/tapon-tel-movil-gatito-1-200x200.jpg
Info (9.1 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/Piercing_lengua__51a3c9221c9cc-200x200.jpg
Info (9.0 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/complementos/Moviles/tapon-movil-gatita-chi-ronroneando2-200x200.jpg
Info (8.7 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/Barra_de_metal_c_504baef7d0612-200x200.jpg
Info (8.6 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/complementos/Moviles/tapon-movil-gatita-chi-feliz-200x200.jpg
Info (8.1 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/complementos/Moviles/tapon-tel-movil-conejito-1-200x200.jpg
Info (7.4 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/oreja/plug/JFTN04b-170x145.jpg
Info (7.1 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/falsos/UHU05b-170x145.jpg
Info (6.8 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/Barbell_anodizad_504884d755e9b-130x130.jpg
Info (6.6 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/complementos/Moviles/tapon-tel-movil-cerdito-1-200x200.jpg
Info (6.1 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/complementos/Moviles/tapon-movil-gato-durmiendo-boca-abajo-200x200.jpg
Info (6.0 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/Dilatador_de_acr_506c58c883904-130x130.jpg
Info (5.8 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/oreja/tunel/FFAN-130x130.jpg
Info (4.8 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/Piercing_ombligo_5198fbb5442f2-130x130.jpg
Info (4.4 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/Barra_piercing_d_519fd7e39d258-200x200.jpg
Info (3.4 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/Taper_dilatador__52aa3b0e83efd-108x74.jpg
Info (3.3 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/Piercing_de_ceja_52ae17c71d8bd-108x74.jpg
Info (3.2 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/ombligo/piercing-ombligo-atrapasuenos-categoria-170x145.jpg
Info (2.9 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/Piercing_de_ombl_51a7cb9890f18-130x130.jpg
Info (2.9 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/labio/PTW02c-108x74.jpg
Info (2.7 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/nariz/Piercing-de-lengua-categoria-170x145.jpg
Info (2.7 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/Bolas_con_rayas__519146c100a10-108x74.jpg
Info (2.6 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/Retenedor__retai_51f8e4839b5c7-108x74.jpg
Info (2.5 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/Labret_acero_qui_519fd2a3a37a3-108x74.jpg
Info (2.4 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/Piercing_abierto_518f74ce0336e-108x74.jpg
Info (2.2 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/labio/JCSB01b-108x74.jpg
Info (2.1 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/1._Piercing_de_c_51b20ca2dbd96-108x74.jpg
Info (2.1 KB) - http://limonbay.com/image/cache/data/product/labio/BCR20-108x74.jpg

Is throwing a 404 not found error.

The WPT IS detecting CloudFlare, but apparently it is not working properly.
CDN's Used:
www.limonbay.com : Cloudflare
fonts.googleapis.com : Google
www.paypal.com : Akamai
themes.googleusercontent.com : Google
www.google-analytics.com : Google

You should apply GZip compression to the following, to shave another 500+ kb off the pageload:
Use gzip compression for transferring compressable responses: 31/100

762.9 KB total in compressible text, target size = 241.1 KB - potential savings = 521.8 KB

FAILED - (205.9 KB, compressed = 52.0 KB - savings of 153.9 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/javascript/jquery/ui/jquery-ui-1.8.16.custom.min.js
FAILED - (92.0 KB, compressed = 32.7 KB - savings of 59.3 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/javascript/jquery/jquery-1.7.1.min.js
FAILED - (73.2 KB, compressed = 14.8 KB - savings of 58.4 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/theme/bt_ebuy/stylesheet/stylesheet.css
FAILED - (55.3 KB, compressed = 11.3 KB - savings of 44.0 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/javascript/bossthemes/boss_revolutionslider/jquery.themepunch.revolution.min.js
FAILED - (47.0 KB, compressed = 13.7 KB - savings of 33.4 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/javascript/bossthemes/fancybox/jquery.fancybox.js
FAILED - (33.1 KB, compressed = 6.3 KB - savings of 26.8 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/javascript/jquery/ui/themes/ui-lightness/jquery-ui-1.8.16.custom.css
FAILED - (35.6 KB, compressed = 14.2 KB - savings of 21.4 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/javascript/bossthemes/jquery.carouFredSel-6.2.0-packed.js
FAILED - (25.0 KB, compressed = 4.7 KB - savings of 20.3 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/theme/bt_ebuy/stylesheet/bossthemes/boss_revolutionslider/css/settings.css
FAILED - (19.3 KB, compressed = 1.8 KB - savings of 17.5 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/theme/bt_ebuy/stylesheet/bossthemes/unsemantic/unsemantic-grid-tablet.css
FAILED - (21.4 KB, compressed = 4.4 KB - savings of 17.0 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/theme/bt_ebuy/stylesheet/bossthemes/font-awesome.css
FAILED - (19.0 KB, compressed = 4.7 KB - savings of 14.3 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/theme/bt_ebuy/stylesheet/bossthemes/responsive.css
FAILED - (17.2 KB, compressed = 6.3 KB - savings of 10.9 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/javascript/bossthemes/boss_revolutionslider/jquery.themepunch.plugins.min.js
FAILED - (12.5 KB, compressed = 3.1 KB - savings of 9.4 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/theme/bt_ebuy/stylesheet/bossthemes/boss_megamenu.css
FAILED - (11.9 KB, compressed = 3.5 KB - savings of 8.3 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/javascript/bossthemes/bossthemes.js
FAILED - (8.4 KB, compressed = 1.9 KB - savings of 6.5 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/theme/bt_ebuy/stylesheet/bossthemes/owl.carousel.css
FAILED - (7.4 KB, compressed = 2.5 KB - savings of 5.0 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/javascript/bossthemes/jquery.smoothscroll.js
FAILED - (5.0 KB, compressed = 1.8 KB - savings of 3.2 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/javascript/common.js
FAILED - (4.5 KB, compressed = 1.6 KB - savings of 2.9 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/javascript/bossthemes/fancybox/jquery.fancybox.css
FAILED - (3.3 KB, compressed = 1.2 KB - savings of 2.1 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/theme/bt_ebuy/stylesheet/bossthemes/boss_carousel.css
FAILED - (3.6 KB, compressed = 1.6 KB - savings of 2.0 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/javascript/jquery.lazyload.min.js
FAILED - (3.0 KB, compressed = 1.0 KB - savings of 1.9 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/theme/bt_ebuy/stylesheet/bossthemes/unsemantic/unsemantic-grid-base.css
FAILED - (3.6 KB, compressed = 1.7 KB - savings of 1.9 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/javascript/bossthemes/notify.js
FAILED - (2.6 KB, compressed = 1.2 KB - savings of 1.4 KB) - http://limonbay.com/catalog/view/javascript/bossthemes/boss_filterproduct/boss_filterproduct.js

Once you have done all of this, test further to see if any first byte time and backend processing improvement is achieved. In my experience, it usually is. If not, then we can explore further, ways to improve this.
(05-11-2014 11:16 AM)Pierceb Wrote: [ -> ]My CDN, cloudflare, is not being detected, even tough I see a significant reduction since I enabled it in my 1and1 hosting.

What could be the reason?"

You activated through a hosting partner and we can only work on CNAMEs (DNS RFC compliance) in that case. Try running the test on http://www.limonbay.com. We're not proxying the A record (limonbay.com).

"I used CF for two years and never got first byte time improved until I dumped CF and optimized my site. Now I don't use any kind of CDN and my sites are greasy fast and score straight A grades on any WPT test from any location.

Did you contact us about the issues? We cover TTFB in a few places on our site. TTFB is not the only metric you should be using.

" By definition cloudflare will add some first byte time since it needs to go back to your server and process the data but it should be minimal. My algorithm for calculating a first byte time grade doesn't play nicely with something like cloudflare though so look at the before/after first byte times and compare those directly (doesn't explain the one long time you had in a repeat view though).

The algorithm for first byte time looks at the socket connect time to get an estimate of the round trip time to a server and then it uses a multiple of that as the baseline and adds 100ms for each letter.

Since cloudflare has distributed edge nodes, they actually make your socket connect time a LOT faster than if the browser had to go back to the original server directly so the baseline is lowered. The actual request still needs to travel back to your server though so it can't be any faster than it was before (and will usually be slightly slower). The effect that has is that it will lower the grade even if it is actually faster because the round trip time used for the baseline is faster"
Also, it looks like the cloudflare detection worked correctly. The problem is that the vast majority of the resources are on different domains from what you're hosting on cloudflare: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/140512...use_of_cdn

Most notably the naked vs www version of your domains. If you get the config squared away things should get a bit better (though not related to the first byte time).

That 2+ second TTFB is not the kind of thing you usually see as being a problem with cloudflare itself. Usually that's from the origin server though it could be an interaction of some kind if you have IP-based rate limiting at the origin.

+1 to daemoncloudflare's comments. Just ping their support guys to figure out what's going on. Anton also had a lot of good optimization advice.
(05-14-2014 03:22 PM)damoncloudflare Wrote: [ -> ]Did you contact us about the issues?
Of course. It wasn't helpful with the CF down time which occurred frequently, and the canned excuse making on TTFB was a turnoff. I was very patient, I gave the service two years. I'm not a fan.
Quote:TTFB is not the only metric you should be using.
And, it's not. Downtime is another. Lousy customer service is another. Should I go on?
Well, I have finally reduced my website size in a 70% getting very good results. Thanks for your advice!

But the TTFB increased a lot: 22 seconds!


How can I optimize the website now everything is reduced to make it faster? Thanks!
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