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Full Version: First View vs. Repeat - Raw Object Data results exactly the same
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I ran the Webpage Performance Test on

In downloading and reviewing the Raw Object Data results, I see that, though the Raw Page Data results are indeed different for First View vs. Repeat View, the Raw Object Data results seems to be the exact same for both. That is, the results for the Repeat run seem to be exactly the same as the First Run results; essentially a copy.

For the Repeat View, I would typically expect to see the smaller number of requests reflected in the Objects results, as is the case with the Page results.

I notice this regardless of the URL used.

Perhaps someone can advise as to where I am going wrong?
Can you link to the test result so we're working off of the same details? Could be a bug on the server side where it's returning the first-view data instead of repeat view.
Sure, here is the URL for the test I performed:

Not only are the objects the exact same, for cached vs non-cached runs/views, the values are exactly the same.
Thanks, should be fixed now: (stupid 1-line mistake on my part)
Thank you Patrick. Looks good!
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