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Full Version: Tokyo Test page has problems
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Here's my new test from Tokyo:

And here's another one from Seoul:

First View Load Times are very similar but Repeat View are wildly different as below:
* Tokyo: 11.144s
* Seoul: 2.484s

Why is this happening especially our server is actually located in Tokyo rather than Seoul?


The question that I want to ask is how it is calculating the "repeat" view - what defines when the timer is stopped.

Thx. Ryu
Looks like it is probably a CPU utilization problem of some kind. Looking at the CPU chart at the bottom of the waterfall, the Seoul machine appears to have more CPU than the page needs and it never tops out. The Tokyo machine on the other hand appears pegged for most of the time.

I reached out to ip-label to see if they can reboot the Tokyo instance to see if that clears it up.
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