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Full Version: Windows 7 in VBox cannot boot after the first launch of wptdriver.exe (2.14 only)
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In VirtualBox 4.3.12, I did fresh installs of Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, and Windows 7 Ultimate SP1. I did not install any update, did not change any Windows setting.

I download webpagetest 2.14 from .

I copy the agent folder to c:\, and rename it to "webpagetest".

I create a wptdriver.ini file with the following content:

Time Limit=120
;Automatically install and update support software (Flash, Silverlight, etc)

exe="C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"

I launch wptdriver.exe, and after the usual downloads and installs, it says "Waiting for work...".
I stop Windows (properly), and start it again. The booting process is stuck before showing the user-login fields. I just see a black screen, and no hard drive or network activity appears on VirtualBox icons.

Note that I also did the complete install from , I can launch tests on any browser on this instance. But if I reboot the instance, I'm stuck.

Also, wptdriver.exe in 2.13 does not have the problem. But I need 2.14 for this feature: "Added support for pulling tests from multiple locations. i.e. "location=wptdriver,IE_10"."

I also have the problem in the VMs provided by

Regards, Nicolas
Hello nfo, I have the same problem using the Virtual Machine (Win7 with IE11). Did you find any solution?
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