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Full Version: testInfo on running/queued tests
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I noticed that has a special testInfo property. Show in this link: jsonResult.php

How do I turn this feature on for my private instance? When we run tests, it's missing testinfo... looking like this

data: {
statusCode: 101,
statusText: "Waiting at the front of the queue...",
id: "140719_TP_32",
testId: "140719_TP_32",
runs: 10,
fvonly: 1,
remote: false,
testsExpected: 10,
location: "ec2-us-east-IE9-005_wptdriver",
behindCount: 0
statusCode: 101,
statusText: "Waiting at the front of the queue..."
That's bleeding-edge coming in 2.15 (probably this week because it fixes some Chrome 36 issues).
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