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Full Version: ./ipfw_config set --device EQ6LPZUK9SS8V46D failed
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When I ran the test, I can see chrome open and stay on a blank screen for a while and then closed.
The test result is timeout.
Any hint for me?
What version of Chrome? The only thing that comes to mind is if you aren't using a retail build then the path for the dev tools port will be incorrect (and for the command-line parameters).
I use adb shell to check chrome package:
shell@HM2013022:/ $ dumpsys package

The version info is as below:
Package [] (422b8d18):
userId=10077 gids=[3003, 1015, 1028]

I also use below adb command line to start chrome on device and navigate to yahoo properly:
shell@HM2013022:/ $ am start -n
e.Main -d
e/ -d <
Starting: Intent { dat= }
Warning: Activity not started, its current task has been brought to the front
18.x is an ancient version of Chrome (March 2012 so slightly over 2 years old) and isn't going to work. The current release is 36.

You might be able to get the agent working against the build you have but it would require figuring out the correct path for the command-line file and possibly some of the package and intent information.
Hi, Patrick
Thanks for the info. After using Chrome version 36, when I ran test on the web page, chrome on mobile device can be launched properly and navigate to target website but the test result I got on the web page is still timeout. I recorded the logs and could you please take a look and see where is the problem?
Thanks again
Looking at the log, a couple of things jump out:

1 - You are still getting ipfw error messages. I don't see any connectivity settings specified in the test job so it shouldn't be trying to set anything (I'll try pulling trunk to see if I can reproduce that).

2 - It LOOKS like the results completed and should have uploaded though I do see a "testerror" being specified with a "timeout".

These 3 lines indicate the test completed successfully so it's going to take some digging to see why it thinks it timed out:

D Aug_28_22:33:14.827 C:\Users\IBM_ADMIN\Desktop\WPT\trunk\src\agent\js\src\wd_server.js:286 WebDriverServer.onDevToolsMessage_ : DevTools message: {"method":"Page.frameStoppedLoading","params":{"frameId":"15284.1"}}
I Aug_28_22:33:14.841 C:\Users\IBM_ADMIN\Desktop\WPT\trunk\src\agent\js\src\wd_server.js:915 WebDriverServer.<anonymous> : Test finished, waiting for browser to coalesce
I Aug_28_22:33:24.882 C:\Users\IBM_ADMIN\Desktop\WPT\trunk\src\agent\js\src\wd_server.js:1012 WebDriverServer.done_ : Test run succeeded

I'll see if I can reproduce it locally but you might have to go in and add logging around the timeout testerror setting to see why and where it is getting set.
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