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Full Version: Repetitive Error when testing site
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This might sound like a silly question but I keep on getting this error.

The testing completed but failed.
Failed to configure IPFW/dummynet. Is it installed?
Waterfall Screen Shot Video
First View: Test Data Missing
Repeat View: Test Error: Skipped repeat view, first view failed: Failed to configure IPFW/dummynet. Is it installed?

Before testing was always fine, without modification on the server / site it no longer functions.

Does anyone know why it is so?
Do you have a link to a test result? That is a configuration problem on the test machine so I'll need to track down which one.
Thank you very much for your response.

Just saw that it works again. When performing a test to give you a link, it showed results.

Earlier it gave this result
I am facing the same issue and inspite of being getting this installed on 32 bit, it is creating issue. i have WINDOWS 2008 Server (on VM) and 32 bit.
I'm was getting this a lot yesterday and is continuing today. Here's a link to a test:
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