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Full Version: iframe cross domain issue
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Hello everyone,

I was trying to build the following journey using WPT script and I am unable to fill in the search criteria on step=2. I reckon, this is because the DOM elements belong to a different iframe.

1. Visit
2. Select origin (eg. London)
3. Fill in destination (eg. JFK)
4. Click Search

Any suggestions on how I can set/select values on iFrames in WPT?

Can you use the contentWindow member of the iFrame and interact with it? Basically, get it working with script in Chrome's F12-dev tools console and then it should work as an exec command.
Thanks Pat, following code works:

execAndWait    document.querySelector("[src='']").contentWindow.document.getElementsByClassName('custom-select-option')[3].click()
execAndWait    document.querySelector("[src='']").contentWindow.document.querySelector("[name='airport_selection_panel:arrivalPointContainer:arrivalAirportPanel:inputFra​gment:arrivalPoint']").value = 'JFK'
execAndWait    document.querySelector("[src='']").contentWindow.document.querySelector("[name='checkInDate']").value = '08/10/14'
ignoreErrors    1
execAndWait    document.querySelector("[src='']").contentWindow.document.querySelector("[name='searchButton']").click()
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