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Full Version: The test completed but there were no successful results
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Am using the latest version of webpagetest.
urlBlast is running and is ready to pick up jobs. The jobs get submitted too
But it doesn't run in the background

Apparently, it ends with this message
The test completed but there were no successful results

Please help me resolve this
Is DummyNet installed correctly?
I gave connectivity=LAN in locations.ini. It seems to work now
In Chrome, I get this message
The Test completed but failed. The test timed out waiting for the browser to start.
On the browser (wptdriver), when I submit a URL, I find on the URL tab and nothing loads.

Your help is much appreciated
If connectivity=LAN works then it's more than likely the DummyNet isn't installed correctly.

What OS version are you running, have you installed DummyNet and also copied the files from the 32 or 64 bit folder into the DummyNet folder?
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