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Full Version: iOS Agent - IPA issue?
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While trying to get an iOS agent up and running, I get an issue with ideviceinstaller when loading the openURL IPA file:

Installing 'PublicStaging/openURL_20130326.ipa'
Install - CreatingStagingDirectory (5%)
Install - ExtractingPackage (15%)
Install - InspectingPackage (20%)
Install - TakingInstallLock (20%)
Install - PreflightingApplication (30%)
Install - InstallingEmbeddedProfile (30%)
Install - Error occured: ApplicationVerificationFailed

I think this is due to a signing issue, and I found: which seems to back up my assertation... could anyone confirm? (or deny Wink)
Solved this, was indeed a signing issue. Just recompiled using the correct signature for the jailbroken device and worked fine.
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